Our E-commerce websites look after themselves so you can concentrate on running your business.

With a fully automated order and product stock management system, you can have as much or as little interaction with the whole order process.

Order Management

Auto Emailing

Keeping admin and your customer in constant contact of the order flow – the auto emailing feature sends emails to your customer and your admin team for

✅  New Orders.

✅  Orders processing which are awaiting payment.

✅  Completed Orders – telling the customer the goods are on their way.

✅  Refunded/Cancelled Order

✅  Booking confirmation – if booking module installed.

Email Customisations

The email customisation modules extend the emails to include branding, more page links and customise additional text and customer notices.

Stock & Inventory management

All our E-commerce websites come with a full stock management solution, complete with many features and options:

Turn inventory on or off

You have the option to turn inventory on or off even when it is switched on and change stock management per product. Each product can have its own number, you can also select if back orders are accepted or to show the item is out of stock.

In addition, if you wanted to remove out of stock items, you can select this option to not list any product you do not currently have in stock. This is a great way to keep you website stock levels up to date.

You also have option:

✅  to show customers the number in stock or

✅  just In Stock or

✅  Elect to show how many are left.

Bulk Product Manager

The Bulk product manager allows you to bulk edit all products, making stock taking even easier. The system can expand to allow delivery picking lists and it is great if your orders often contain a large number of products.

Invoicing PDF

PDF invoicing lets you email the customer or print off a PDF invoice.

* Please Note: Some modules are included and some are additional modules, please check you package details or speak with a member of our team before purchasing.