Phase 4: Distribution and Ranking


✔ Content Distribution

Once all the content and promotional media materials have been approved then the next phase is submission.

Our team of SEO analysts and associates start publishing content on various websites and your webpage starts generating traffic from multiple sources thereby increasing the online visibility of your business.

Content Distribution

✔ SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Part of our strategy will also entail building quality links. This is where our SEO team comes in.

Based on your website, the industry you work in and other factors – our experienced SEO experts will build back-links to your website on trusted, relevant domains that your website can benefit from.

SEO For Content - Content For SEO

✔ Social Media Management

Social Media is a wonderful tool for self-promotion and content distribution especially content of a visual nature.

Videos and Infographics find their audiences through social media websites like YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook pages can add to the credibility of your business.

We will manage your social media presence using it as a tool for online customer engagement and to gauge customer’s brand loyalty and the business’s brand equity.

Social Media Management