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There are hundreds of ranking factors that search engines take into account when choosing where to place webpages in the search engine results pages – SERPs. But at the top level, the three core search engine optimisation – SEO practices fall under – content generation, links and technical optimisations.

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Boost E-Commerce SEO

When we create a new E-commerce website for our clients, you will receive our exclusive Boost search engine coding best practices as standard. This in-house coding standard is just what you need to help get your online business noticed as quickly as possible.

It is a perfect start for your website before looking at other additional online marketing options. We make sure your E-commerce website is fully prepared for the future.

Providing the best possible start for your online business does not just mean a great looking website, it also needs to be prominent on the major search engines as this is key to your online success.

We truly want your business to get off to the best possible start which is why we are including Boost SEO best practices for your E-commerce website.

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* Please Note: Some modules are included and some are additional modules, please check you package details or speak with a member of our team before purchasing.