Making paying for your products online a simple process is key to making sales. 

Our system has a range of standard payment options built in and options to expand with up to 300+ payment processing providers.

Accepting Payment

Built in payment gateways

As standard all our solutions come with the 4 standard payment options.

PayPal Standard

PayPal allows you the quickest and simplest way to start taking payment online,
Simply integrated and world widely recognised paypal is an extremely popular way to offer customers to pay.
Please note a paypal account is required.

BACS Payment

BACS is the process where customer can pay for goods or services with a bank transfer.
The order process is the same however once the order is placed, your chosen bank details are supplied to the customer to make payment.
The back office admin places the order on hold until you confirm you have received payment.
BACS Payment System


If you wish to offer the option for customers to pay with a cheque – the order process is the same as BACS Payment and your address and cheque completion details are sent to the customer.

Once again the order remains on hold until you confirm you have received cleared funds.

Cash on delivery

If you have the ability to allow payment by cash then this options will give customers the ability to order, print out their order, collect and pay you direct with cash.

Advanced Payment Options *

Want to offer an even wider choice of payment options?
Our system allows you to integrate over 300+ payment processors including the world’s leading payment providers.
advance payment options

Accepting payments within your site

With the change in SSL certified websites, may payment providers are now able to expand their payment processing so that the customer remains on your website.

Please speak with a member of our team for more details on which systems allow this process.

Payment Gateway

Deposit Module

Need to take just deposits first, this module gives you complete control and management over deposit and balances due.

* Please Note: Some modules are included and some are additional modules, please check you package details or speak with a member of our team before purchasing.